Cedric and Evelyn Grigg

Founders of the School of Practical Philosophy


Cedric and Evelyn Grigg founded the school of Practical Philosophy in Rochester in 1989. Prior to Rochester, NY, they had founded a similar school in Boston. Additionally, Mr. & Mrs. Grigg served as tutors at the London School of Philosophy and Economic Science in the U.K.

Mr. & Mrs. Grigg also served as guest tutors at several such schools around the globe.
They are well respected and loved by countless students in many schools including the school in Rochester.

We are a non-profit founded in 1989 in Rochester, NY.

The Foundation was started by Mr. and Mrs. Grigg as an affiliate of a global school of practical philosophy. The school system is highly influenced by Western and Eastern perspectives on mindful living. While the Rochester based school is operated independently, we continue to be influenced by the larger network of schools.


We support our students in many ways and don’t limit how we can help.




The Foundation of Practical Philosophy is staffed and cared for entirely on a volunteer basis by the school’s own students. The most current year annual report can be accessed here: 2016 Annual Report



The school emphasizes practical philosophy that can be used in everyday life. No prior experience or education in philosophy is necessary.  



The school welcomes followers of all faiths and belief systems. Everyone is open to enroll in class.


No Exams

Lessons are conducted through open discussion. There are no written assignments or examinations.

Classes are offered online and locally, and our tutors are here to assist with any questions you may have.

You can reach The Foundation for Practical Philosophy by phone at 585-385-3962 or via email through our confidential contact page.